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SUPVentureUs '\Səp-ven(t)-sher-us\

verb, SUP-Ven-ture-Us


Definition of SUPVentureUs

1  :to take a SUP Adventure

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Local SUPVenture
Willamette River_Ross Island

Local SUPVentures
Start at 9:00 am

June SUP Ventures

June 18th, Lake Merwin, Cresap Bay
Meet at Cresap Bay for a tour up river with a  break at the beach.  Bring your own snack/lunch.  

June 25th, Estacada Lake,
Meet at Milo McIver Boat Ramp for a t
our around the lake with a  break on our boards.  Bring your own snack/lunch.  

This is not designed for a first time paddler.  We don't provide instruction on the tours but will always be happy to help out.  The tours are anywhere from 2.5 miles to 5 miles and we can experience wind conditions.   We go at a leisurely pace so it is enjoyable for all.

Both locations listed above do not include parking fees.  Lake Merwin is a cash only pay site.


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We look forward to paddling with you!

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