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SUPVentureUs '\Səp-ven(t)-sher-us\

verb, SUP-Ven-ture-Us


Definition of SUPVentureUs

1  :to take a SUP Adventure

You are in for a SUPVenture!

I started this business to share my love of paddleboarding and the beautiful places I have paddled.  Some are well known, and some are hidden treasures.  But all of them are fun; join me, I'll take you there!


(AKA SUP Chick)


Give the Gift of a SUPVentureUs Class, Tour or Retreat!  See form at bottom of the page for purchase. 

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What's Included?

Every SUPVenture includes the following:

  • Orientation and Safety Review

  • Experienced SUP Guide

  • Quality Paddleboard

  • Paddle

  • Leash

  • PFD (Personal Floatation Device)

  • Dry Bag (for your phone)

  • Croakies (to secure your sunglasses)

  • Digital photos of your SUP Venture

  • Whistle 

  • Oregon Waterway Access Permit

Merwin Lake

Let's go chasing

 Featured SUPVenture:

Merwin Lake is a Destination SUPVenture.  This is a favorite for so many reasons.  It boasts great waterfalls and even better some great beaches for picnicking, swimming,  goofing around, and practicing your SUP skills.

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We look forward to paddling with you!

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