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Visiting, new to the area or wanting to learn or explore SUP?  We have the SUPVenture for you! 

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Paulina, Elk, and Waldo Lake Retreats

Kevin’s  Testimonial~ Totally blind paddler
"I'm a totally blind SUP paddler.  I was looking for someone in the local SUP community to meet me at the lake and also to give me guidance.  I had only been on a board a few times, although I had some experience, I needed to know where to go as well as some instruction on how to paddle properly to better maneuver my board and paddle efficiently and safely. 


Donna did all of this and much more!  She even documented my progress by taking videos of my sessions!  She also set up a tour for my family members who were visiting from out of state.  We all went out for an afternoon picnic and paddle, and Donna instructed us all!


The group consisted of 4 adults and a child, and she handled it with ease!  After a half hour of basic technique training, we headed off across the lake for well over an hour!  Everyone had a blast and wanted to do it again.  After our picnic lunch, we headed back out for another couple of hours.  It was tiring, but extremely fun!  Donna even had enough strength to tow one of us back in, and that would be ME!  Some of my fondest paddling memories were the Full Moon Paddles.  Even by moonlight, Donna got me back safely.

Thanks to Donna, I have not only become a reasonably good paddler, but also a more confident one.  In the beginning, I was always nervous and uncomfortable on my board, but with her encouragement and many hours on the water, and in it as well, I was able to relax.  As Donna would say "It's only water, so it's ok to fall off your board!" 

Kevin, North Carolina

Aliyah at Haag

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Timothy Lake Retreat in the shadows of Mt. Hood

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