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SUPVentureUs '\Səp-ven(t)-sher-us\

verb, SUP-Ven-ture-Us


Definition of SUPVentureUs

1  :to take a SUP Adventure

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Choose your SUPventure!

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SUP 101 SUPVentures


Great for beginners and for those exploring SUP

  • 2 Hour Course - 30 minutes on land, 90 minutes on the water

  • Paddleboard, Paddle, Leash, PFD

  • Safety Overview & SUP Tips on Land (30 minutes)

  • On the Water SUP introduction and paddle (90 minutes)

  • Limited to 6 people

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Day SUPVentures


Guided SUPVenture at a local lake or river

  • Approx 4 Hour SUPVenture

  • Included: SUP, Paddle, Leash, PFD, Dry Bag, Photos, Fun

  • Up to 8 People

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Custom SUPVentures


Destination/Custom SUPVentures are a 4 Hour + SUPVenture

  • SUP, Paddle, Leash, PFD, Dry Bag, Fun

  • Guided SUPVenture at your choice* of great paddle locations

  • * See About Us for Destination SUPVenture SUP Spots

  • Up to 8 People

  • 4 + Hours minimum

Donna will work with you on creating the best plan possible for you and your guest/teams.

Join us for a day of fun on the water!

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Moonlight & Sunset SUPVentures Selected Nights

  • Enjoy the sunset and/or Moonlight from the water

  • We paddle out and chill on the water.

  • Watch the sun set or the moon rise, it's the best!

  • SUP, Paddle, Leash, PFD, Photos, Fun!

  • Up to 8 People

  • 2+ hours

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Private SUPVentures


Do you want a lesson or just not be in a group?

  • 2 Hours Minimum

  • SUP, Paddle, Leash, PFD, Dry Bag, Photos, Fun!

  • 1:1 SUPVenture or semi-private for your group only

Team Building at Haag

Team Building SUPVentures

August 13th

Booked/Sold Out

Contact for other Team Building dates

Customized per group

Moonlight & Sunset SUPVentures

Let's go on a SUPVenture!

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