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SUPVentureUs '\Səp-ven(t)-sher-us\

verb, SUP-Ven-ture-Us


Definition of SUPVentureUs

1  :to take a SUP Adventure

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I rented a SUP and went to a lake to see if I would like it, that was eight years ago. That is when my addiction started!   I rented different kinds of boards the first year or so, and then I bought my first board. I now have over 20 boards to share the stoke with others, or as I fondly refer to "others" as recruits! I do some local racing and a lot of exploring and, I would love to share the scenic places best seen from a SUP!  

Aliyah at Haag

Hard Boards

— Name, Title

Hard Boards are faster than inflatables and offer more of a challenge if you choose a skinnier board.  Most of the quiver is 14' but we have some that are shorter and wider and offer great stability.

If you have SUP'd before, this is a great opportunity to try out a different style of board to see what you like!



We have high-quality Inflatable SUP's and it will introduce you to SUP with a bit of cushion.  They are comfortable to stand, sit, play or lounge on!


The Quiver

We have quality inflatable and hard boards for the SUPVentures.

    NSP Inflatable 14' x 28"

    Hala Hass Inflatable 10' x 32"

    SurfTech Air 11' x 32"

    SurfTech 11'6" x 31.5"

    Red Elite 12' x 28"

    Hydrus 12' x 30"

    Tower 14' x 30"

     WaveStorm 10' 32"

*   Lat 44 10'6" x 32"

*   Amundson 14' x 28"

*   Infinity 10'4 x 32"

*   Surftech 10'4 x 30"

**  SIC Bullet 14' x 30"

*** Bark Ghost Vapor 14' x 26"

*** Naish Maliko 14' x 26"

*** NSP Carolina 14' x 24"

*   Indicates Hard Boards

*** Indicates not for beginners

The Quiver
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& Adventures

Day SUPVentures (min 2 Hours)

  • Haag Lake

  • Vancouver Lake

  • Willamette River (Various locations)

  • Lacamas Lake

  • Estacade Lake

  • Tualatin River

Destination SUPVentures (min 4 Hours)

  • Merwin Lake

  • Timothy Lake

  • Trillium Lake

  • Nehalem Bay

  • Siletz Bay

Weekender SUPVentures (Fri-Sun)

  • Waldo Lake

  • Timothy Lake

  • Paulina Lake

  • Detroit Lake

Sunset and Moonlight* SUPVentures (min 2 hours)

  • Haag Lake (Best Sunsets)

  • Willamette River (Ross Island)

*Moonlight paddles are a specialty adventure that's

only offered on the full moon summer evenings.


Team Building SUPVentures (min 2 hours)

  • Haag Lake

  • Vancouver Lake

  • Willamette River (Various options)

SUP 101 for Beginners

  • Haag Lake

  • Cedar Oak Boat Ramp

Customized SUPVentures

Ask us if there is a location you would like to explore that is not on this list

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